Domestic nano-products can be used in Gazprom’s eastern projects



Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the RUSNANO Executive Board had a regular joint meeting today at the Gazprom headquarters to consider the use of innovative products at Gazprom’s industrial facilities.

Attending the meeting were Members of the Gazprom Management Committee, heads of the relevant units and entities of Gazprom and RUSNANO as well as representatives of nanotech companies.

The meeting discussed the joint actions on estimating the feasibility and applicability of composite pipes and fasteners by Gazprom. The decision was made to go ahead with developing specifications for these pipes and components to be applied at Gazprom’s gas pipelines. The specifications will act as a basis for the development of pilot samples. Successful tests will result in laying pilot gas pipelines.

Future application of off-the-shelf composite pipes for water pipelines, sewage networks, upstream and downstream pipelines is under thorough consideration. For instance, Gazprom Neft put on trial the pipes planned for pilot application at Gazprom’s power generating facilities.

The parties discussed the introduction of domestic nano-products, including those produced by RUSNANO-owned companies, into Gazprom’s projects being part of the Eastern Gas Program and agreed to proceed with this activity.


In November 2010 Gazprom and RUSNANO signed the Protocol of Joint Actions. The document stipulates wider use of nanotechnologies by gas companies.

In June 2011 the Gazprom Innovative Development Program until 2020 was approved. The Program is aimed at constant improvement of Gazprom's technology level to retain the position of an engineering leader in the global energy business. The Program stipulates a pro-active approach to cooperation with corporate and independent research institutions as part of the R&D activities as well as with national development institutes and higher educational institutions in joint studies and staff training.

In September 2011 Gazprom and RUSNANO approved a Program to boost the demand for innovative and, inter alia, nanotech products in the gas industry.

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