Gazprom fulfills obligations under General Collective Agreement in 2014


The Gazprom Management Committee and the Presidium of the Gazprom Interregional Trade Union (ITU) Council held a joint meeting where the parties reviewed the fulfillment of obligations set forth in the General Collective Agreement of Gazprom and its subsidiaries in 2014.

The meeting highlighted that all the social obligations stipulated by the Agreement had been met. Employees of Gazprom and its subsidiaries received social allowances, health care services and supplementary pension. The mortgage-based housing provision program was further expanded for the Company’s employees.

Social protection measures adopted by Gazprom and strict compliance with the Russian labor law made it possible to secure employees’ loyalty and provide the skilled manpower to the parent company and its subsidiaries. The meeting stressed that 2014 saw a zero labor disputes.

The Gazprom Administration units, subsidiaries’ heads, the ITU Council as well as the trade union heads of the Company’s affiliates will strictly adhere to and will continue to meet the obligations set forth in the General Collective Agreement.

As of today, the General Collective Agreement was duly extended for the period between 2016 and 2018.


The 2013–2015 General Collective Agreement of Gazprom and its subsidiaries was signed on November 26, 2012. The Agreement covers the employees of the Company and its fully-owned subsidiaries engaged in natural gas production, transportation, processing, storage and marketing, as well as the employees of the Company’s Interregional Trade Union Council and trade unions of subsidiary companies.

The key objective of the General Collective Agreement is harmonizing the interests of the employer and the employees in the form of a social partnership and, provided there is financial capacity, granting a broader scope of guarantees, allowances and compensations to the employees than stipulated by the Russian laws, other legal acts and the Gas Industry Agreement.

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