Energy Delta Institute to adopt experience of Asian energy companies

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Sochi hosted today the 14th meeting of the International Supervisory Board (ISB) of the Energy Delta Institute (EDI) as well as an international meeting of the Institute’s partners under the topic of ‘Future of the European Power Industry’.

Taking part in the meetings were Sergey Khomyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Han Fennema, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Nederlandse Gasunie, Gertjan Lankhorst, CEO of GasTerra, Pieter Dekker, Vice President JV Governance of Shell Netherlands, Eric Dam, President of EDI, Sibrand Poppema, President of the University of Groningen and Jean-Francois Cirelli, Special Advisor to the Presidency of GDF Suez (Gas Supplies).

Energy Delta Institute to adopt experience of Asian energy companies
Energy Delta Institute to adopt experience of Asian energy companies

Regasification terminal in Gwangyang port (South Korea)

The ISB Members addressed the EDI performance in 2014. It was noted that over the said period EDI had successfully delivered various international educational projects focused on such energy issues as Petroleum Corporation Management in the Global Environment, Finance & Control for Energy Industry, Professional Energy Community, Gas Business Management, European Energy Market. 55 employees of Gazprom attended these programs, and two of them received MBA degrees.

Addressing the ISB Members, Sergey Khomyakov dwelled on the main areas of Gazprom’s activities. Special attention was given to consolidating the Company’s positions in traditional markets as well as entering new promising markets. In particular, Mr. Khomyakov mentioned the implementation of new gas transmission projects as well as strengthening the Company’s LNG and NGV segments.

It was noted that amid major changes in the energy sector and emergence of the Eurasian megamarket, the portfolio of EDI’s educational programs had to be extended and the experience of both European and Asian energy companies had to be adopted more fully.

During the meetings an Agreement of Intent on Partnership and Cooperation was signed between Higher Economic School of St. Petersburg State University of Economics and EDI to deliver educational programs and share knowledge in the energy sector.

In addition, Eric Dam, President of EDI was awarded the title of the Honorary Fellow of the Academic Board for outstanding contribution to the EDI development.


In 2001 Gazprom and Gasunie put forward the initiative of launching a joint project to exchange the knowledge and experience in the energy sector. The initiative was supported by the Russian and Dutch Governments. The project was given the working title of ‘Gas University’. Subsequently, the University of Groningen joined the project and set up the Energy Delta Institute in cooperation with Gasunie, GasTerra, Shell and other companies.

Since September 2002 experts from Gazprom, Gasunie, Shell and other companies have been taking training courses within the programs related to strategic development, market relations and economics of the gas industry.

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