Gazprom consistent in its activities to prevent corporate corruption


The Gazprom Board of Directors took notice of the information about the activities aimed at preventing corporate corruption.

The meeting noted that the Company's activities in this area are carried out in strict compliance with the Russian law and corporate documents. Gazprom continuously improves its regulatory, organizational, technical and information tools necessary for the prevention and suppression of corruption. Great efforts are made for identifying the facts of collusion between entities/individuals from the existing or potential contractors and the Company's employees, subsidiaries or affiliates in order to prevent and eliminate conflicts of interest.

Gazprom opened a hotline for collecting information about the facts of fraud and corruption, conflict of interests, embezzlement and misuse of property and assets, breaching the procurement procedures.

The Company's Internal Audit Department and the Corporate Security Service play a key role in preventing the corporate corruption.

The Gazprom Board of Directors tasked the Management Committee to take further steps in this area.

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