Gazprom’s shares included in First Level (top) quotation list of Saint Petersburg Exchange


The Saint Petersburg Exchange has included today Gazprom's shares in the First Level (top) quotation list.

The new listing rules of the Saint Petersburg Exchange stipulate that the First Level quotation list unifies securities previously included in Quotation Lists A, Level 1 and Level 2.

Starting from today, a wider range of potential investors (above all – the top institutional ones) are entitled to trade Gazprom's shares on the Saint Petersburg Exchange.

“Inclusion of Gazprom's shares into the top quotation list shows a high quality of the internal management standards and confirms that Gazprom is ready to further streamline it,” said Elena Mikhailova, Member of the Management Committee, Head of the Asset Management and Corporate Relations Department of Gazprom.


Gazprom's shares have high liquidity in the Russian stock market.

Gazprom's shares were admitted to trading on the Saint Petersburg Exchange in August 1997 (following the Russian Government Directive No. 654 dated May 30, 1997). In June 2002 the Company's shares were included in the Quotation List B of the Saint Petersburg Exchange (the Saint Petersburg Exchange was the only stock exchange in Russia, where Gazprom's shares were qualified for trading and included in the Quotation List).

From April 17, 2014 Gazprom's shares were included in the Quotation List A Level 2 in the List of Securities Admitted to Trading on the Saint Petersburg Exchange with the issue parameters as follows:

  • securities – ordinary shares;
  • state registration number – 1-02-00028-A dated December 30, 1998;
  • nominal value of a share – RUB 5.0;
  • number of shares issued – 23,673,512,900;
  • stock ticker symbol – GSPBEX;
  • ISIN – RU0007661625.

On July 21, 2014 the new listing (delisting) rules came into force at the Saint Petersburg Exchange, which resulted in creating a new list of securities admitted to trading. It comprises the First and the Second Levels that are quotation lists and the Third Level that is a non-quotation list.


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