Gazprom’s website new page featuring information on powers of attorney revocation

Gazprom's website is extended with the 'Revocation of power of attorney by Gazprom' page.

The page posts announcements of revocation of the Company's powers of attorney as well as powers of attorney issued within transfer of authority based on the mentioned powers of attorney.

The page is intended for protecting Gazprom's interests to the maximum extent possible by finding a supplementary way, apart from those stipulated by the Russian Federation legislation, to duly notify third parties of the power of attorney revocation.


The Federal Law on Amending Subsections 4 and 5 of Section I of Volume I and Article 1153 of Volume III of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is effective since September 1, 2013. The amendments include, inter alia, the issues of due notification of the third parties of powers of attorney revocation.

The Law provides for publishing in any official edition addressing solvency issues as one of the way to notify the third parties of a power of attorney revocation. Russia's Government decree stipulated such an edition to be the Kommersant newspaper. Therefore, the information on revocation of Gazprom's powers of attorney, as well as powers of attorney issued within transfer of authorities based on the mentioned powers of attorney to be posted in the abovementioned edition.

Gazprom website Editorial Board

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