Board of Directors addresses Third Energy Package implementation


The Gazprom Board of Directors took notice of the information regarding the structure of the Company's foreign assets and the policy concerning the Third Energy Package as well as possible consequences of its implementation.


Gazprom Group's businesses in the foreign markets include gas exploration, transportation, sales and storage assets. At present, efforts are being taken to improve Gazprom Group's performance in the foreign markets.

At the same time, the global restructuring of the EU energy market is underway through the implementation of the Third Energy Package adopted in September 2009. The main purpose of this legislative package is to create a unified competitive market in Europe and competitive environment in the energy market by providing free access of third parties to gas transmission networks.

Considering the above mentioned, Gazprom actively cooperates with the European Commission and regulatory bodies of the European Union addressing strategically important gas transmission projects meant to strengthen the energy security of Europe.


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