Gazprom to acquire new licenses in Tajikistan


Gazprom's delegation including Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Valery Gulev, Managing Director of Gazprom International paid a visit today to Tajikistan.

As part of the visit, a working meeting was held between Alexey Miller and Emomali Rachmon, President of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Gazprom to acquire new licenses in Tajikistan
Gazprom to acquire new licenses in Tajikistan

Shakhrinav-1p prospecting well at Sarykamysh area, Tajikistan

The parties discussed the two-way interaction in the energy sector and approved Gazprom's exploration activities in Tajikistan. The Company already completed drilling of the Shakhrinav-1p ultra-deep prospecting well and launched testing operations. The meeting also highlighted that the licenses permitting Gazprom to explore hydrocarbons in the Western Shaambary and Sarykamysh areas were extended for a five-year period. Besides, the parties agreed that Gazprom would soon receive licenses for new prospects in Tajikistan.

Alexey Miller and Emomali Rachmon expressed confidence that the cooperation between Gazprom and Tajikistan in the energy sector had a great potential and was particularly important for enhancing the economic ties between the two countries.

Alexey Miller also met with Sherali Gul, Industry and Energy Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan.


The cooperation between Gazprom and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan hinges on the long-term (until 2028) Agreement on Strategic Cooperation in the gas industry of May 15, 2003 and the Agreement on Common Principles for subsurface exploration activities in Tajikistan of June 10, 2008.

Being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom, Gazprom International acts as the operator of the project for hydrocarbons exploration and prospecting in Tajikistan.

In line with the Stagewise Geological Exploration Program developed in 2008, 2D seismic survey of 193.80 linear kilometers, 3D seismic survey of 339 square kilometers and gravity survey of 806 square kilometers were performed at the licensed areas.

In December 2010 the operator started drilling Shakhrinav-1p – the first ultra-deep prospecting well – at the Sarykamysh area. Drilled down to 6,450 meters, Shakhrinav-1p is the deepest prospecting well in Central Asia. Gazprom invested more than RUB 5.6 billion in geological exploration in Tajik licensed areas.


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