Gazprom and Slovakia celebrate anniversaries of cooperation in energy sector


Bratislava celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Druzhba oil pipeline commissioning, the 45th anniversary of the first export supplies of blue fuel from the former USSR to the then Czechoslovakia and the 40th anniversary of the Eustream transit gas pipeline system.

The meeting dedicated to these anniversaries was attended by Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Director General of Gazprom Export, Tomas Malatinsky, Slovak Minister of Economy, Jan Klepac, Executive Director of the Slovak Gas and Oil Association, the executives of Slovak companies, members of Parliament, Pavel Kuznetsov, Russian Ambassador to Slovakia and Maros Sefcovic, European Commission Vice-President.

Gazprom and Slovakia celebrate anniversaries of cooperation in energy sector
Gazprom and Slovakia celebrate anniversaries of cooperation in energy sector

Bratislava, Slovakia

The participants of the meeting highlighted that the mutually beneficial cooperation of Gazprom and Slovakia was important for strengthening the security of gas supply to European consumers and for developing to a great extent the mutually beneficial Russian-European economic relations in general.

“We see the intrinsic changes in the European market and we are ready to work with them. At the same time, we are sure there are things and principles that have to remain unchanged regardless of price behavior or emergence of new gas sources. They are the principles of free competition, non-discriminatory access, compliance with legislative regulations,” Alexander Medvedev stated.


Slovakia is the largest Russian gas transit country after Ukraine. In 2008 Gazprom and its Slovak partners signed new 20-year gas supply and transit agreements.

Slovakia is a long-standing and reliable partner of Russia in the area of gas supply. Gazprom Group's partners are SPP dealing with gas sales, purchases and distribution and Eustream a.s. – Slovak gas transmission system (GTS) operator. Russian natural gas is transited via the Uzhgorod route through the Slovak Republic. In Western Slovakia the gas flow splits in two transit routes: one crosses the Czech Republic to Germany and France, while the other goes to Austria, France and Italy.

In 2011 Slovakia was supplied with 5.89 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 47.38 billion cubic meters was transited through the country, including 0.83 billion cubic meters for compressor stations.


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