Omsk Region gasification pace to be boosted considerably


The Gazprom headquarters hosted today a working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Company's Management Committee and Victor Nazarov, Governor of the Omsk Region.

Meeting between Alexey Miller and Victor Nazarov, Governor of Omsk Region
Meeting between Alexey Miller and Victor Nazarov, Governor of Omsk Region

Alexey Miller and Victor Nazarov

The parties discussed the cooperation progress and prospects, highlighting that Gazprom and the Region's Government were going to considerably step up the regional gasification process in the coming years.

Omsk Region gasification pace to be boosted considerably
Omsk Region gasification pace to be boosted considerably

Gas trunklines layout in Omsk Region

With this view, Gazprom elaborates a program for developing gas supply and gasification of the Omsk Region until 2016. Among other things, the program envisages constructing two inter-settlement gas pipelines: one – in the Moskalenki District and the other – to the town Nazyvayevsk with a total length of more than 100 kilometers as well as designing a number of gasification facilities. It was noted that cost efficient operation of regional gas distribution networks should be one of the program's principles.

The meeting also discussed plans for implementing the Gazprom for Children program in the Omsk Region. They noted that ten versatile sports grounds and three sports and recreation centers would be built within the program.


Gazprom and the Omsk Region Government entered into the Cooperation Agreement in April 2002 and extended it in August 2008. The Gasification Accord was signed with the Omsk Region in September 2006.

Natural gas penetration in the Omsk Region makes up 22.9 per cent including 21.9 per cent in cities and towns and 29 per cent in the rural area (throughout Russia these figures average 63.2, 70 and 46.8 per cent respectively).

Between 2006 and 2011 Gazprom allocated over RUB 650 million for gasification of the Omsk Region. These funds were used to construct 90 kilometers of inter-settlement gas pipelines in the Cherlak, Shcherbakul, Okoneshnikovo and Sargatskoye Districts. The Region's Government, on its part, fully met the obligations to prepare consumers for gas deliveries.

Between 2008 and 2009 four versatile sport grounds were built in the Omsk Region as part of the Gazprom for Children program.


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