Gazprom and Bavaria to boost investment appeal of regional gas-fired power generation


Munich hosted today a working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Horst Seehofer, Bavarian Prime Minister.

The meeting discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation in the energy sector placing an emphasis on possible execution of power generation projects in Germany and Bavaria. Special attention was paid to appropriate measures aimed at boosting the investment appeal of gas-fired power generation in Germany.

The parties also discussed the prospects of natural gas use as a motor fuel in Bavaria. Alexey Miller proposed to Horst Seehofer deliberating on a pilot project in this sector, as part of which municipal bus fleets in one of Bavaria's large cities would be fully converted to natural gas.


In December 2011 Gazprom and the authorities of the Federal Land of Bavaria signed the Roadmap for cooperation in power generation and gas supply. The document sets the parties' intentions of taking joint efforts in Bavaria.

In February 2012 a roundtable was held as part of activities outlined in the Roadmap. Taking part in the event were Gazprom's representatives, Bavaria's officials, large producers and consumers of electricity as well as network operators.

Bavaria is the largest of 16 German Federal Lands. It has the highest economic and scientific potential, and shows the best economic growth. Machine building, electrical engineering, power generation and chemical sectors are Bavaria's most developed industries.


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