Gazprom conducts road show in Scandinavian countries


Gazprom has conducted a road show in the countries of Scandinavia. The delegation was led by Andrey Kruglov, Deputy Chairman of the Company's Management Committee, Head of the Department for Finance and Economics. JPMorgan Chase & Co. acted as the organizer of the event.

As part of the road show, the meetings with Gazprom's major security holders, i.e. pension and state funds, were held in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The Scandinavian investors confirmed their deep interest in Gazprom's security papers during the meetings.

Particularly, it was mentioned that Gazprom was securing the sustainability when implementing the gas business strategy, as the Company was setting its investment plans according to budget base cases. This helps minimize possible industrial and financial risks and eventually provide the feasibility of reaching the Company's strategic goals regardless of any global economy development scenarios. This approach corresponds at its most with the long-term nature of investments by the majority of pension and state funds in Scandinavian countries.

In its turn, Gazprom has its interest in increasing the long-term investors' shares of security papers. Moreover, the Company recognizes the highest quality of Scandinavian investment funds as well as their deep understanding of the specific nature of Gazprom's business and the key factors that affect operating and financial results of the Company's activities.

The meetings also underlined a high level of Gazprom's information disclosure. The Company voluntarily publishes a large volume of data concerning the results of Gazprom's activity, issuing, for instance, the Sustainability Report. Such policy in the field of information disclosure meets the interests of Scandinavian investment companies committed to the responsible investment policy.

“The trip has been exceptionally productive for Gazprom: the investors have provided very positive feedback on the meetings. We are planning to continue a business dialogue with Scandinavian investors on a respective level,” noted Andrey Kruglov, summarizing the results of the road show.


The largest state and private funds of Scandinavia manage the assets with the total value of more than USD 1 trillion. The mentioned funds include: Skagen AS – in Norway, Swedbank Robur AB, Alecta, SEB AM, Handelsbanken AM, Carnegie Fonder AB – in Sweden, Nordea IM, Danske Capital – in Denmark.

JPMorgan Chase & Co is a major global financial corporation, one of the leaders in investment banking, financial services for entities and individuals, asset management and private equity. Gazprom and JPMorgan Chase & Co have been cooperating since 2004. From October 2010, JPMorgan Chase & Co acts as Gazprom's corporate broker.


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