Shareholders meeting of Gazprom to take place on June 29

The Board of Directors resolved to convene the annual General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom on June 29, 2012 in Moscow.

A list of persons entitled to take part in the Shareholders Meeting will be drawn up on the basis of the Gazprom Register of Shareholders as at the end of the business day on May 10, 2012.

The Board of Directors approved the lists of nominees for the Gazprom Board of Directors and the Audit Commission, to be voted for at the Shareholders Meeting.

The Board of Directors put the following items on the Shareholders Meeting agenda:

  • approval of the Company’s Annual Report;
  • approval of the Company’s annual Accounting Statements including the Profit and Loss Statement (Profit and Loss Accounts);
  • approval of the Company’s profit distribution based on the results of 2011;
  • on the amount, terms and form of the dividends payment based on the results of 2011;
  • on the remuneration payment to the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) Members (non-government officials) for their duties on the Board in the amount prescribed by the Company’s regulatory documents;
  • election of the Company’s Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) Members;
  • election of the Company’s Audit Commission Members;
  • approval of the Company’s Auditor;
  • on the remuneration of the Company’s Audit Commission Members.


The list of nominees for the Gazprom Board of Directors, to be voted for at the annual General Shareholders Meeting, is as follows.

1. Akimov Andrey Igorevich Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprombank (Open Joint Stock Company)
2. Gazizullin, Farit Rafikovich Member of the Board of Directors, OAO Gazprom
3. Karpel, Elena Evgenievna Head of the Pricing and Economic Expert Analysis Department, OAO Gazprom
4. Kulibaev, Timur Chairman of the Legal Entities Association “Kazakhstan Association of Oil, Gas and Energy Sector Organizations (KAZENERGY)”, Chairman of the Presidium of the Legal Entities Association “National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan (Atameken Union)”
5. Markelov, Vitaly Anatolyevich Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, OAO Gazprom
6. Martynov, Viktor Georgievich Rector of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
7. Mau, Vladimir Alexandrovich Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
8. Miller, Alexey Borisovich Chairman of the Management Committee, OAO Gazprom
9. Musin, Valery Abramovich Head of the Civil Procedure Department, Faculty of Law, Saint Petersburg State University
10. Sereda, Mikhail Leonidovich Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee – Head of the Administration of the Management Committee, OAO Gazprom
11. Yusufov, Igor Khanukovich Member of the Board of Directors, OAO Gazprom
12. Zubkov, Viktor Alexeevich First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation


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