Gazprom Group’s net profit expected to grow 25 per cent in 2011 versus 2010


As a result of geological exploration carried out by Gazprom in 2011, the natural gas reserve increment hit the record level of 686.4 billion cubic meters surpassing the production level by 33.8 per cent. A half of the increment was secured by geological exploration in Eastern Russia (Sakhalin shelf inclusive) where Gazprom is shaping new gas production centers. Moreover, according to latest updates, Gazprom Group produced 513.2 billion cubic meters of gas in the reported year showing a 4.6 billion cubic meter increase as compared to the same figure of 2010 – 508.6 billion cubic meters.

Domestic gas consumption grew as well. Among the gas consumption leaders were the following sectors: agrochemistry – 1.9 billion cubic meter growth (almost 9 per cent) to 22.8 billion cubic meters, and cement industry – 0.6 billion cubic meter growth (almost 8 per cent) to 8.3 billion cubic meters. Power generating companies increased their gas purchases by 4.8 billion cubic meters to 168.1 billion cubic meters, with a 3.4 billion cubic meter increase from Gazprom’s gas transmission system that gave a total of 154.1 billion cubic meters.

More gas was supplied beyond the FSU. In 2011 supplies reached 150 billion cubic meters and surpassed the same figure of 2010 (138.6 billion cubic meters) by 11.4 billion cubic meters (8.2 per cent).

Gas supplies within the FSU grew by 3.08 billion cubic meters and totaled 71.1 billion cubic meters.

By the 2011–2012 heating season startup Gazprom raised the productivity of its underground gas storage (UGS) facilities to record heights. The maximum daily deliverability stood at 647.7 million cubic meters of gas by the start of the withdrawal season. Between December and February gas consumers may receive an average daily amount of up to 522.1 million cubic meters of gas. The operating gas reserve in the amount of 65.2 billion cubic meters (1.2 billion cubic meters up as compared to the previous year) was formed. This is a record high amount over the entire history of the domestic gas industry.

According to preliminary data, in 2011 Gazprom Group produced 32.28 million tons of oil (0.27 million tons more versus 2010) and 12.07 million tons of condensate (0.78 million tons or 6.9 per cent more versus 2010).

The Company’s forecasts say that Gazprom Group’s financial results – proceeds from sales, currency receipts, EBITDA and net profit – will be record high in 2011 over the entire corporate history.

Gazprom Group’s proceeds from sales are forecast to rise by USD 32 billion (or by 27 per cent) to USD 150 billion (USD 118 billion in 2010). At the same time, the currency receipts will grow by some USD 28 billion (or by some 40 per cent) – from USD 70 billion in 2010 to about USD 98 billion in 2011. The EBITDA will surpass the 2010 amount (USD 45 billion) by almost USD 15 billion (or by approximately 33 per cent) and will rise to about USD 60 billion. The net profit will grow by almost USD 40 billion that is almost 25 per cent more as compared to the 2010 figure (USD 32 billion).

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