Statement of GAZPROM regarding inspections (Dawn Raids) by the European Commission


On 27th of September Dawn Raids (unannounced inspections) were conducted at the premises of affiliates of Gazprom in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as some of its customers in.the EU. The inspections were directed by the European Commission due to alleged breaches of EU antitrust rules by Gazprom and/or its affiliates involved in the purchase, transmission and sale of gas.

These inspections in fact repeat previously conducted inspections of several European subsidiaries of Gazprom.

In this regard, Gazprom notes that the mere fact of the inspections does not imply any recognition of an antitrust offense or allegation. Gazprom, being a pioneer in the liberalisation of the European markets, has always been and remains a supporter of competition in the gas market. Gazprom has always taken with care compliance with all international laws and regulations in countries where the Gazprom Group operates. Terms and conditions of Gazprom's contractual relationship with customers are determined by international legal obligations, commercial interests and market conditions, and are based on the principles of equal partnership and full compliance with applicable laws.

Gazprom has always been open to a dialogue with EU Member States authorities as well as the European Commission. However, Gazprom was not informed of the existence of any allegations or complaints, and thus could not offer its cooperation which would most likely lead to solving all issues.

Within the limits of legal requirements Gazprom will provide all possible support in conducting the inspections. Gazprom has already instructed the managers of its affiliates on the necessity to cooperate and comply with legitimate requests of the inspecting authorities. The companies concerned will continue to take all measures to fully comply with their contractual obligations to customers.

Gazprom expresses the hope that in conducting the inspection the European Commission will strictly respect rights and legitimate interests of Gazprom and all companies of the Gazprom Group. Gazprom reserves all its legal rights.

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