Gazprom’s annual General Shareholders Meeting elects new Board of Directors


Based on the voting results the annual General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom formed the Company's Board of Directors.

The cumulative votes for 11 candidates are as follows:

Akimov Andrey Igorevich

Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprombank
(Open Joint Stock Company)
Ananenkov Alexander Georgievich Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, OAO Gazprom 15,032,335,259
Gazizullin Farit Rafikovich Member of the Board of Directors, OAO Gazprom 17,096,041,666
Karpel Elena Evgenievna Head of the Economic Expertise and Pricing Department, OAO Gazprom 13,340,022,708
Miller Alexey Borisovich Chairman of the Management Committee, OAO Gazprom 20,868,525,577
Musin Valery Abramovich Head of the Civil Procedure Department, Faculty of Law, Saint Petersburg State University 23,107,019,253
Nabiullina Elvira Sakhipzadovna Economic Development Minister of the Russian Federation 18,417,801,071
Sereda Mikhail Leonidovich Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee – Head of the Administration of the Management Committee, OAO Gazprom 19,194,774,605
Shmatko Sergey Ivanovich Energy Minister of the Russian Federation 17,084,910,050
Yusufov Igor Khanukovich Special Envoy of the Russian Federation President for International Energy Cooperation 17,084,013,140
Zubkov Viktor Alexeevich First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation 20,233,719,916

175,413,106 votes were against all candidates, with 155,498,110 submitted as voting abstentions.

The Shareholders Meeting also elected the 9-member Audit Commission.

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