Notice of Press Conferences to be held on threshold of Shareholders Meetings


Dear representatives of mass media, investment and finance companies!

We are pleased to invite you hereby to take part in the traditional Press Conferences of the Gazprom top management, to be held on the threshold of the Company’s annual and extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings.

The Press Conferences to take place from June 20 through June 29 are as follows:

June 20 (Monday), at 12:00 noon (Moscow time)

Gas Export and Enhancing Reliability of Gas Supply to Europe


  • Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom; Director General, Gazprom export;
  • Pavel Oderov, Head of the International Business Department, Gazprom.

June 21 (Tuesday), at 11:00 am

Gazprom in Eastern Russia, Entry into Asia-Pacific Markets


  • Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom;
  • Oleg Aksyutin, Member of the Management Committee – Head of the Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization Department, Gazprom;
  • Vsevolod Cherepanov, Member of the Management Committee – Head of the Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Production Department, Gazprom;
  • Pavel Oderov, Head of the International Business Department, Gazprom;
  • Viktor Timoshilov, Head of the East-Oriented Project Coordination Directorate, Gazprom.

June 22 (Wednesday), at 11:00 am

Gazprom’s Power Generation Strategy


  • Denis Fyodorov, Head of the Directorate for Power Sector Development and Marketing in Power Generation, Gazprom; Director General, Gazprom energoholding.

June 27 (Monday), at 11:00 am

Gas Supply to Domestic Market. Executing Russian Regions Gasification Program


  • Kirill Seleznev, Member of the Management Committee – Head of the Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons Marketing and Processing Department, Gazprom; Director General, Gazprom mezhregiongaz.

June 29 (Wednesday), at 11:00 am

Gazprom’s Financial and Economic Policy


  • Andrey Kruglov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee – Head of the Finance and Economics Department, Gazprom;
  • Elena Vasilieva, Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Committee – Chief Accountant, Gazprom;
  • Elena Karpel, Head of the Pricing and Economic Expert Analysis Department, Gazprom;
  • Karen Oganyan, Head of the Tax Policy Directorate, Gazprom.

The Press Conferences will be held at the Gazprom headquarters located at 16 Nametkina St:

  • on June 20, 21, 22 and 29 – at the Gazprom Press Center (bldg 2, room 332);
  • on June 27 – at the Conference Hall (bldg 2).

Travel route: ride the 1st car of the train going from downtown to the Noviye Cheryomushki subway station, then take a No.60 trolley to the Novocheryomushkinskaya Ulitsa bus stop. Admittance to the building will be in accordance with the accreditation lists. All visitors must bear editorial IDs or passports.

Phone numbers for mass media, investment company representatives and investment bank analysts accreditation:

+7 (495) 719-11-43 (Mikhail Krasnov); +7 (495) 719-47-30 (Olga Moreva).

In case there are changes in the Press Conferences schedule, the Information Directorate will inform of those (if any) additionally.

June 30 (Thursday)

On June 30 Gazprom’s annual and extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings will be followed by the final Press Conference involving the Gazprom Board of Directors Chairman and the Gazprom Management Committee Chairman.


During the Press Conferences and the Shareholders Meetings you will be provided free access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

The Press Conferences of the Gazprom top management (June 20 to 29) and the speech by Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee at the Shareholders Meeting and the final Press Conference (June 30) will be broadcast live over the Internet at in the Russian and English languages.

The audio broadcasting of the said events and Alexey Miller’s speech will be available in Russian and in English via the following phone numbers +7 (495) 719-35-77 and +7 (495) 719-30-00 (multi-line system).

Moreover, the site visitors will have the opportunity to address (in writing) their questions online to participants of the Press Conferences in Russian and in English.

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