Environmental Management System of Gazprom certified for compliance with ISO international standard


The Environmental Management System (EMS) of Gazprom has been successfully certified for compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 international standard. Det Norske Veritas, an independent certification body, conducted the audit.

During the audit, the administrative staff and the employees of the Gazprom's subsidiaries, involved into the EMS implementation, showed a high level of knowledge and skills used in environmental management and also a drive on its continuous improvement. Positive results of certification indicate that Gazprom's environmental activity meets the highest international standards.


In 1995 Gazprom was the first among Russian oil and gas companies to develop and start implementing the corporate policy for environmental protection. In 2000 it was updated and named the Gazprom Environmental Policy.

The Environmental Management System of Gazprom is a well-developed structure which integrates the environmental management in the Company and its 28 subsidiaries. The essential elements of the EMS are the Company's Environmental Policy, regulatory documents and standards related to environmental protection, environmental management and energy saving. The Gazprom Coordinating Committee for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency assesses the environmental activities of the Company's subsidiaries. In addition, the Environmental Inspection has been created and is operational in Gazprom.

As an internationally recognized standard of organizing the environmental protection activities, ISO 14001 is a powerful tool in increasing their effectiveness. The standard contains a list of requirements for the management systems of organizations involved into environmental protection.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is one of the largest international certification bodies and a recognized expert in environmental risk management. DNV performed the certification audit of Gazprom as a result of an open tender.


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