Ladoga GCU-32 testing successfully accomplished


Today Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee held a meeting in Saint Petersburg focused on testing of a pilot gas compressor unit, Ladoga GCU-32.

Taking part in the meeting were Yaroslav Golko, Member of the Management Committee, Head of the Investment and Construction Department, heads and experts from Gazprom's specialized structural units and subsidiaries as well as representatives of one of the gas compressor unit (GCU) manufacturers: REP Holding.

Testing of Ladoga GCU-32 was carried out this year at the Vavozhskaya compressor station (CS) from April to July. Continuous monitoring of some 30 operational parameters of the unit, in particular, performance efficiency, emissions, temperature range, etc., confirmed high performance, reliability and environmental friendliness of the unit.

The REP Holding representatives spoke about the main directions for further enhancing the GCU operational characteristics.

Alexander Ananenkov stressed that Ladoga GCU-32 will be utilized during construction of the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas trunkline system and boosting the Gryazovetskaya CS capacity. In addition, the Company considers opportunities for the unit application for construction of other trunklines and reconstruction of the Russian gas transmission system.

The meeting also addressed the implementation of the 2008–2012 Comprehensive Action Plan for Reliable Gas Supply to Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

It was noted that as part of the actions aimed at reliable gas supply to Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast, design and survey work was underway to retrofit the Serpukhov – Leningrad, Belousovo – Leningrad and Gryazovets – Leningrad gas pipelines. Design and survey work is carried out at the Novgorod, Volkhov, Torzhok and Valdai CSs as well. The Pikalevo CS is under construction.

“The Northwestern industrial hub is of high significance for the whole Russian economy. Moreover, there are plenty of people residing here. Therefore, Gazprom intensely works on not only gasifying consumers in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast, but also enhancing the capacity, securing uninterruptible operation of the gas transmission system within these Russian Federation constituents,” said Alexander Ananenkov.


Ladoga GCU-32 is a domestically produced state-of-the-art facility. It is notable for a high efficiency level (36 per cent), long operational life and low emissions.

The 2008–2012 Comprehensive Action Plan for Reliable Gas Supply to Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast was approved by Gazprom in 2008.

The Comprehensive Action Plan outlines the basic scope of upgrade, overhaul and repair operations at linear parts of the gas trunklines and gas laterals, compressor stations, electrolytic protection and telemetry facilities overseen by Gazprom transgaz Saint Petersburg.


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