On meeting of Coordinating Committee for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency


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The Gazprom headquarters hosted today a meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency. The meeting was held by Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Company’s Management Committee and Chairman of the Coordinating Committee.

Participating in the meeting were Members of the Gazprom Management Committee: Oleg Aksyutin, Head of the Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization Department; Yaroslav Golko, Head of the Investment and Construction Department; Viktor Ilyushin, Head of the Department for Relations with Regional Authorities of the Russian Federation; Vsevolod Cherepanov, Head of the Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Production Department, as well as heads of Gazprom’s specialized subdivisions and subsidiaries – Gazprom VNIIGAZ and Gazprom gaznadzor.

The Coordinating Committee members addressed a draft Gazprom Energy Saving Concept for 2011 to 2020. The document will be aimed at achieving a high energy efficiency level and maximum usage of the energy saving potential needed for the Company’s sustainable growth. It was highlighted that the goal would be attained particularly through a wide utilization of innovative energy saving technologies and equipment by Gazprom.

The meeting considered the execution of the Gazprom Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Enhancement Program for 2011 to 2013 as well as the preparation of the Gazprom Environmental Management System for the ISO 14001 compliance certification.

The meeting participants reviewed the information relevant to the measures taken by Gazprom for reducing methane emissions during repair operations at gas trunklines. A number of technologies applied during repairs, such as hot tapping, were pointed out as highly efficient.


The Gazprom Coordinating Committee for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency was established in October 2007 in order to secure an integrated approach and coordinate the environmental activities of the Company’s structural subdivisions and subsidiaries. The Committee’s major goals are as follows:

  • comprehensively evaluating the effectiveness of the Gazprom Group environmental activities;
  • introducing comprehensive environmental, energy saving and energy efficiency management;
  • coordinating Gazprom’s interaction with environmental authorities and public entities.

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