Gazprom starts Adler TPP main building construction


Work has begun at the Adler TPP construction site to erect the main building of the station.

The building will dominate the Adler TPP facilities. It will comprise a turbine hall with steam turbine units and a main control room. The building will be flanked by two gas turbines with exhaust heat boilers.

“Aimed at supporting the Olympic Games, the Adler TPP was one of the first energy facilities that were discussed at public consultations and obtained state and environmental approvals. The high speed of construction work and the progress achieved prove that the station will be built by 2012 in full compliance with the schedule,” underlined Denis Fyodorov, Head of Gazprom’s Directorate for Power Sector Development and Marketing in Power Generation.


The Adler TPP has been included in the Program for the Olympic facilities construction and development of Sochi as a mountain-climatic resort.

The Adler TPP project has been elaborated with due consideration for all the unique factors specific for the construction area. The Adler TPP will primarily run on natural gas as it is the most environmentally friendly energy resource preserving favorable environmental conditions, which is especially important as the Black Sea coast is a recreational area.

The TPP will be based on two combined cycle gas turbine units with the total capacity of 360 MW (heat capacity – 227 Gcal/hr). Unlike conventional steam power units, the modern combined heat and power technology attains a high efficiency ratio (52 per cent), saves fuel and reduces air pollutant emissions by 30 per cent on average. The technological solutions and materials used during the project execution comply with all applicable Russian and international environmental standards.


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