Working meeting on Gazprom’s investment projects in Kamchatka Krai held


The Gazprom headquarters hosted a meeting moderated by Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Company’s Management Committee and dedicated to the Gas Supply to the Kamchatka Oblast, Phase 1 – Gas Supply to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky investment project. Participating in the meeting were heads and experts from Gazprom’s specialized subdivisions and subsidiaries.

The meeting addressed the progress with constructing the gas trunkline and pre-development infrastructure in the Kshukskoye and Nizhne-Kvakchikskoye fields. It was emphasized that the gas trunkline was being built according to schedules and was nearing completion. The meeting participants noted the necessity to prepare the gas supply facilities for testing and pre-commissioning operations. The first startup complex is to be put onstream this September.

Based on the meeting results, Gazprom’s specialized subdivisions and subsidiaries were tasked to timely implement the projects on assuring gas deliveries, as well as gas production and transmission capacities development in the Kamchatka Krai.


In September 2007 the Russian Government adopted the decision prescribing Gazprom to join the Gas Supply to the Kamchatka Oblast, Phase 1 – Gas Supply to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky project.

As part of the project, Gazprom is performing production drilling and pre-development of the Kshukskoye and Nizhne-Kvakchikskoye fields located on the western coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and is constructing a 392-kilometer gas trunkline to link the gas fields to the consumers in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The commissioning of the gas trunkline and the startup of gas supplies are slated for 2010.

It is planned that the Kshukskoye and Nizhne-Kvakchikskoye fields will annually yield a total of 750 million cubic meters of gas.

Gazprom invest Vostok (a wholly owned subsidiary of Gazprom) is the customer of the Gas Supply to the Kamchatka Oblast, Phase 1 – gas supply to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky investment project.


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