Management Committee adopts Gazprom’s Communication Network Development Program until 2014


The Gazprom Management Committee has adopted the Communication Network Development Program until 2014.

The specialized subdivisions were tasked to use the Program as a framework when compiling annual and mid-term investment programs of Gazprom, as well as to include the facilities covered by the Program into the schedule of design and exploration activities.

In addition, the Management Committee took the decision to annually monitor the Program execution and to prepare amendment proposals, in case required.


The communication network links all the subsidiary companies of Gazprom and significantly influences efficiency of the technological processes related to drilling operations, as well as gas production, transportation, storage and processing.

The constantly increasing information flow, required to run the Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS) of Russia, imposes ever more stringent requirements to the reliability of the corporate communication network operation.

In this regard, Gazprom is making efforts to develop the corporate network. In particular, between 2003 and 2008 the length of digital communication lines and fiber-optic lines increased by 9 and 3.66 thousand kilometers; while their total length exceeded 23 and 4.7 thousand kilometers, respectively, as of January 1, 2009.

The analysis of the current status of Gazprom’s communication network has shown that it is fully capable of securing the UGSS operation. At the same time, the advancement of production processes automation and the startup of information and management systems (IMS) deployment as part of the Gazprom Informatization Strategy demand for further development of the corporate communication network, in particular, for reconstruction of the existing lines and construction of the new ones.

For the purpose of raising production processes efficiency and deploying information technologies, Gazprom has developed the Company’s Communication Network Development Program until 2014.

The key targets of the Program are as follows:

  • to define the top-priority objectives in greenfield construction, reconstruction and bringing onstream communication facilities, taking into account the mid- and long-term prospects;
  • to expand the operational capabilities, to raise the reliability and safety of information exchange;
  • to lay the foundation for moving over to the next-generation communication networks.

Execution of the activities provided for in the Program will make it possible to considerably increase the effectiveness of Gazprom’s communication network and, as a result, will become a crucial factor in the Company’s balanced development.

The Gazprom Informatization Strategy was adopted by the Management Committee Directive of January 17, 2008. The Strategy defines key directions for the Company's information technologies development for achieving its strategic goals.

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