Management Committee considers program for energy saving technologies introduction


The Gazprom Management Committee has considered the issue related to the program for energy saving technologies introduction.

The Company’s specialized subdivisions were tasked to elaborate and submit for approval a draft Energy Saving Program of Gazprom for 2011–2013.


Gazprom’s energy saving and environmental actions are taken in compliance with the requirements of the Russian legislation in force, the Gazprom Energy Saving Concept for 2001–2010 and corporate energy saving programs.

As part of the Energy Saving Program for 2007–2010, Gazprom is going to save in the order of 11 million tons of fuel equivalent including 9.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas, around 1.3 billion kWh of electric energy, 1.2 million Gсal of thermal energy and 30 thousand tons of fuel equivalent (diesel and boiler-furnace fuel).

The maximum effect of energy saving activities, 85 per cent of the total fuel and energy resources saving, is to be reached in the gas transmission sector. For this purpose, Gazprom is widely utilizing special equipment enabling to avoid gas losses in technological and repair operations at the Gas Transmission System (GTS) facilities, energy efficient equipment for the GTS linear part, compressor and gas distribution stations, as well as programmed computing systems to simulate and optimize GTS operation modes.

In the gas production sector the Company is active in adopting new well testing and repair technologies, improved gas pumping units and a number of other energy saving solutions.

In addition, Gazprom will continue advancing innovative developments in this sector.

At present, the Company is engaged in a series of R&D activities that may save considerable energy resources utilized for the Company’s specific needs. The main activity areas are: efficient use of low-pressure gas; gas recovery, transportation and storage in the form of gas hydrates and liquid fuels production from associated petroleum gas.

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