On meeting dedicated to long-term gas balance issues


Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee held at the Company’s headquarters a meeting dedicated to the natural gas balance shaping until 2030.

The meeting was comprised of Oleg Aksyutin, Member of the Management Committee – Head of the Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization Department of Gazprom, heads and experts from specialized subdivisions of the Company’s Administration.

The meeting participants were informed on the analysis of material factors influencing the projected long-term gas balance indicators. Particular attention was paid to gradual recovery of gas demand on the domestic and foreign markets after the global financial and economic crisis. Consideration was also given to the information on the global trends of liquefied natural gas consumption and the issues of the Eastern Gas Program implementation.


The gas balance is a system of indicators defining the natural gas resources, consumption amounts, distribution and utilization.

Overall gas demand embraces production, operational and technological needs, as well as gas supply to consumers, injection into underground storages and other expenses. The resource part of the gas balance includes production, import, withdrawal from underground storages and other incomings. The gas balance is calculated in terms of physical volume (cubic meters).

The gas balance is an integral part of the fuel and energy balance along with the production and consumption balances for other types of fuel and energy.

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