Gazprom’s annual General Shareholders Meeting starts in Moscow


Alexey Miller and Viktor Zubkov

The annual General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom started in Moscow today. Shareholders from Russia and a number of foreign countries are taking part in the Meeting personally, through their trustees or in absentia. The Meeting participants represent the interests of the shareholders owning a total of 18,595,063,055 shares, which is 78.55 per cent of their total number. As at May 7, 2010 the corporate Register of persons and legal entities entitled to participate in the Shareholders Meeting recorded 552,738 corporate equity owners with 23,673,512,900 shares.


According to the decision by the Gazprom Board of Directors Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation was appointed Chairman of the Shareholders Meeting. Taking part in the Meeting are the following Members of the Gazprom Board of Directors: Alexey Miller, Alexander Ananenkov, Burckhard Bergmann, Farit Gazizullin, Elena Karpel, Valery Musin, Mikhail Sereda, and Igor Yusufov.

The Meeting agenda includes the following items:

  • Approval of the Annual Report;
  • Approval of the Annual Accounting Statements including the Company’s Profit and Loss Statements (Profit and Loss Accounts);
  • Approval of the Company’s profit distribution based on the 2009 operating results;
  • On the amount of, time for and form of the dividend payment based on the 2009 operating results;
  • Approval of Gazprom’s Auditor;
  • On the introduction of amendments into the Gazprom Charter;
  • On the introduction of amendments into the Regulation on the Gazprom General Shareholders Meeting;
  • On the remuneration for the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) Members – non-government officials in the amount prescribed by the Company’s regulatory documents;
  • On the remuneration for the Audit Commission Members;
  • On the ratification of transactions of corporate interest, which may potentially be executed by Gazprom while carrying on its usual business;
  • Election of the Gazprom Board of Directors Members;
  • Election of the Gazprom Audit Commission Members.

Alexey Miller is currently delivering his Speech about the Company’s 2009 operating results.

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