Alexey Miller and Mikhail Ignatyev discuss gasification opportunities for Zavolzhsky district of Cheboksary


A working meeting took place today between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Mikhail Ignatyev, President of the Chuvash Republic.

Alexey Miller and Mikhail Ignatyev
Alexey Miller and Mikhail Ignatyev

Alexey Miller and Mikhail Ignatyev

The parties addressed the regional gasification issues, particularly the opportunities for gasifying the Zavolzhsky district in the city of Cheboksary. According to the provisional estimates, 121 kilometer long inter-settlement and gas distribution pipelines are to be constructed for this purpose.

The project was marked as potentially interesting and the Company will make the final decision on participation in the Zavolzhsky district gasification once the design and estimate documents and the investment rationale are prepared and analyzed.


Gazprom and the Chuvash Republic Government entered into the Agreement of Cooperation in 2001 and extended it in 2006. The Accord on Gasification of the region was signed in 2003.

From 2002 to 2008 Gazprom channeled over RUB 570 million for the Chuvash Republic gasification.

Between 2009 and 2010 the Company invested RUB 48 million in the regional gasification. The funds were used to complete construction of a 7-kilometer gas pipeline from GDS-3 to the Cheboksary gas distribution point. In turn, the Republican Government fully performed its obligations on consumer preparation for gas deliveries.

Natural gas penetration in the Chuvash Republic amounts to 80.8 per cent including 94.7 per cent in cities and towns and 63.3 per cent in the rural area. The identical figures throughout Russia average 63.2, 67.5 and 45.5 per cent accordingly.

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