Gazprom launches construction of Adler TPP


Adler hosted today the celebrations dedicated to the startup of the Adler thermal power plant (TPP) construction. The celebrations held at the construction site were attended by Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Alexander Tkachev, Governor of the Krasnodar Krai, Anatoly Pakhomov, Head of the Sochi Administration, heads of Gazprom’s subsidiaries and representatives from contracting organizations.

From left to right: Alexander Tkachev, Alexey Miller and Anatoly Pakhomov
From left to right: Alexander Tkachev, Alexey Miller and Anatoly Pakhomov

From left to right: Alexander Tkachev, Alexey Miller and Anatoly Pakhomov


“The Sochi District desperately needs new generating capacities. By 2014 energy consumption in Sochi will rise up to 1,000 MW. The Dzhubga – Lazarevskoye – Sochi gas pipeline opens the way for creating modern power stations that are vitally required for the intensively developing region. With the commissioning of the new gas pipeline and the Adler TPP, the Krasnodar Krai will have new opportunities for economic growth and living conditions improvement both for the Sochi citizens and for the visitors of this unique region.

The timely and simultaneous launch of two projects by Gazprom is a clear and convincing evidence of the benefits derived from vertical integration and synergy of the adjacent sectors – the gas and the energy ones. Thus, the synergy effect we have always been talking about is becoming tangibly useful for a key Russian region.

Construction of the Adler TPP is another proof of the fact that Gazprom is nowadays the most effective and reliable investor in the Russian power generation sector. We are sure that Gazprom will successfully meet the assumed obligations and the TPP will be commissioned within the prescribed deadlines according to the Olympic facilities construction schedule. Sochi is beloved for the sun, sea and mountains. Gazprom will supply Sochi with additional energy, heat and light!” said Alexey Miller.

Novel engineering and architectural solutions will be applied during the Adler TPP construction, so that the station could blend into the unique natural landscape. Lawns will be planted and alleys will be created within the TPP premises.

The event participants have planted ten deodar cedars forming the first alley of the Adler TPP. According to dendrologists, this kind of trees is best adapted to the local soil and will grow well in it. As the TPP alleys develop, energy supply to Sochi and Krasnodar Krai will improve and strengthen.


The Krasnodar Krai has always been and remains undersupplied with energy. The Sochi District is also in a bad need of new generating capacities. The electric energy demand is mainly covered by the energy systems from neighboring regions. At the same time, the existing regional power plants (Sochi TPP, Krasnopolyanskaya HPP, the CHPP of the Tuapse oil refinery and the Nebug CHPP) secure only some 25 per cent of the current load of Sochi and the proximate population centers.

The Adler TPP will become both an important source of heat and electric energy for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games facilities and a substantial contribution into the energy balance of Sochi and the adjacent areas. The TPP has been involved in the Program approved by the Russian Federation Government for the construction of Olympic facilities and development of Sochi as a mountain-climatic resort.

The Adler TPP construction project is being executed in pursuance with Gazprom’s Power Generation Strategy approved by the Company’s Board of Directors in April 2007. Gazprom Group invests in the domestic power industry upgrade, as well as in development of the national economy based on the energy efficiency and resource saving principles. Gazprom was the first to address this crucial task on a large scale and to apply the most advanced domestic and foreign technologies when constructing new generating facilities and reconstructing the existing ones.

Mosenergo fuel and energy company is the general contractor for the Adler TPP construction. It is a design, construction and engineering complex, which has a long-standing track record in delivering large power generation projects, practical skills in adjusting foreign and domestic power generating equipment, as well as expertise in the national and international rules and standards of construction and operation.

The Adler TPP is to be completed in 2012 according to the Olympic facilities construction schedule.

The new TPP premises will cover an area of 9.89 hectares in the Imeretinskaya Lowland.

The Adler TPP will be based on a 360-MW combined-cycle gas turbine plant (heating capacity – 227 Gcal/hr) comprising two power units with the overall efficiency of 52 per cent.

Each of the power units will consist of two 65.8-MW gas turbines produced by Italy’s Ansaldo Energia and one 62.8-MW steam turbine produced by Kaluga Turbine Plant.

The Adler TPP will primarily run on natural gas as it is the most environmentally friendly energy resource, which permits to preserve favorable ecological conditions.

The modern combined-cycle technology secures a high efficiency coefficient, low fuel consumption and a reduction in atmospheric pollutants by 30 per cent on average versus conventional steam power plants. The technological solutions and materials used during the project execution comply with the highest Russian and international environmental standards.

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