On meeting of Training and Methodical Council for Gazprom Personnel Skills Development based on Gazprom transgaz Tomsk


Gazprom transgaz Tomsk (Tomsk city) hosted a meeting of the Training and Methodical Council for Gazprom Personnel Skills Development dedicated to advance training of staff for new production facilities in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, Yamal Peninsula fields, sea shelf, liquefied natural gas facilities and new main gas lines.

The meeting was attended by managers and experts from the: Personnel Management Department and the East-Oriented Projects Coordination Directorate of Gazprom, staff management services and training divisions of Gazprom’s affiliates, Gazprom’s educational institutions, representatives of third-party companies – above eighty persons altogether.

The Training and Methodical Council discussed further development of the Continuous Corporate Training System for Gazprom’s Personnel in such areas as: enhancement of the education efficiency and quality; development of the legal & methodical support and the resource base for the existing training system; creation of training centers (labs) for studying new technologies; training in view of Gazprom’s entry into new business areas and development of new sales markets (oil, power generation, liquefied natural gas); personnel training for work within joint projects with foreign partners or projects implemented abroad.

The Training and Methodical Council participated in opening unique training grounds of Gazprom transgaz Tomsk Training Center, which incorporate a number of full-scale simulators and samples of gas transmission system equipment: a gas distribution station, a gas pumping unit, stop valves for gas line pipe, a boiler house, etc. Some of the presented units are equipped with a remote control system operated from a work station. The training grounds are intended for acquiring operational skills in regard with both existing and prospective technologies.

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