On 9th meeting of Yamal – Europe gas dispatchers


On October 13–15 Saint Petersburg hosted the 9th meeting of dispatchers of gas transportation companies from the countries transiting and consuming Russian gas via the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline.

Gazprom’s delegation was led by Vladimir Podmarkov, First Deputy Head of the Central Dispatch and Production Department.

Addressing the audience, Vladimir Podmarkov pointed it out that Gazprom was implementing a set of actions aimed at expanding the resource base, conquering new gas production provinces, diversifying gas transportation routes, as well as increasing LNG supplies for the purpose of securing the reliability of domestic and export gas supplies given the growing gas demand.

At the same time, existing gas transportation routes are getting more significant. The speaker pointed out the operational reliability and stability of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline, which had exported more than 200 bcm of Russian gas within the nine-year period of its existence.

The meeting listened to presentations by representatives of the transit countries on Yamal-Europe’s operation between 2007 and 2008. In particular, the presentations were dedicated to preventive repair and maintenance work done on the pipeline, current operation of the pipeline, as well as execution of gas supply agreements.

It was underscored that the operating reliability with regard to gas transit had been provided over the said period. The meeting also underlined the importance of coordinated teamwork on part of dispatchers from gas supplying, transiting and consuming countries when preparing gas production and transportation facilities for the autumn/winter period.

Based on the meeting results the parties signed a Protocol outlining the key principles of on-line interaction between the dispatchers in the process of gas supply via the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline between 2008 and 2009.


Brought into operation on November 6, 1999 the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline stretches as far as over 2,000 km through Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany.

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