Gazprom’s delegation visits Slovenia and Greece


Led by Vlada Rusakova, Head of the Strategic Development Department, Member of the Management Committee, a Gazprom delegation paid a working visit on October 23–24 to the Republic of Slovenia and the Hellenic Republic. Taking part in the delegation were also Gazprom export and Giprospetsgaz representatives.

During the visit Vlada Rusakova met with Alojz Stana, General Manager, Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana and George Stergiou, Chief Executive Officer, DESFA SA to discuss the issues of the Feasibility Study development for the South Stream gas pipeline construction project in the territory of Slovenia and Greece.

The Feasibility Study will become a component of the consolidated Feasibility Study for the whole South Stream project, embracing Russia, the Black Sea, as well as Central and South Europe.

In the course of the negotiations the parties coordinated the list of initial data and the work schedule. In addition, they discussed various routes of natural gas transportation through Slovenia and Greece within the South Stream project.


South Stream is a system of gas pipelines crossing the Black Sea to connect Russia and Europe. The total length of the Black Sea section will be around 900 km, with the maximum depth exceeding 2,000 m and full capacity at the landfall averaging 31 bcm.

Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana was founded in 1975. The major areas of the company ’ s activities are natural gas import, transportation and sales in Slovenia.

DESFA SA was founded in 2007. It is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA SA, Greece).

The company is an exclusive operator of the Hellenic Gas Transmission System. It deals with natural gas import, storage and marketing.

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