Board of Directors addresses progress with updating General Scheme of Gas Industry Development until 2030


The Board of Directors meeting is going on at the Gazprom Headquarters.

The Board of Directors considered the information on the work done to update the General Scheme of the Gas Industry Development until 2030 with due regard of the strategies adopted for Russian industries development and the General Scheme of the power generation facility allocation until 2020 approved by the Russian Federation Government.

The Management Committee was tasked to provide the Company's further participation in the activities by the Industry and Energy Ministry aimed at the General Scheme's consideration by the Russian Federation Government.


The General Scheme of the Gas Industry Development until 2030 was drawn up in pursuance of the Comprehensive Activities for developing the hydrocarbon pipeline transportation system in the Russian Federation approved by the Russian Federation Industry and Energy Ministry.

The General Scheme's goal is to define financially efficient strategic directions of the gas industry development to secure a reliable gas supply to Russian and foreign consumers.

The General Scheme serves as a reference point when developing and implementing a sustained state pricing policy in the gas industry and gas & energy conservation area to foster a more efficient utilization of investments and economical consumption of a high-value nonrenewable fossil fuel – natural gas.

At present, the Russian Federation Industry and Energy Ministry has set up a Task Force in charge of the General Scheme scrutiny, which comprises representatives of ministries, agencies and organizations concerned. Upon completion of approval procedures, a draft General Scheme will be submitted for consideration at the Government Commission for the Fuel & Energy Sector and Mineral Resources Base Replenishment meeting.

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