On Gazprom and Mosenergo’s participation in Transinvestbank and TsOPenergo

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In view of instances of media publications and announcements stating that OAO Gazprom is via OAO Mosenergo a controlling stake holder in CB Transinvestbank (OOO) and in ZAO TsOPenergo we would like to inform as follows:

Gazprom is a controlling shareholder in Mosenergo. In its turn, Mosenergo as a shareholder in CB Transinvestbank is not represented in the Board of the bank and has one out of the three votes in the Shareholders Meeting of the bank, which, pursuant to the Charter of the bank, prevents from exerting managerial control over the said financial organization.

Thus, Gazprom and Mosenergo bear no responsibility for a policy implemented by CB Transinvestbank and its subsidiary company TsOPenergo.

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