Gazprom is opening representative offices in Kazakhstan and Latvia


Pursuant to the Gazprom Board of Directors’ decision the order has been signed to open the Company’s representative offices in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Latvia.

The representative office in Latvia will be responsible for promoting the long-term and mutually beneficial financial cooperation between Gazprom and the Baltic States as a whole.

The main tasks of the representative offices will be presentation and protection of Gazprom’s interests, support of cooperation with the governmental authorities and petroleum companies of Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The representative offices will also deal with searching for new directions and forms of Gazprom’s activity on the energy markets of Kazakhstan and the Baltic States.

Additionally, the representative offices will carry out research and information maintenance of the projects implemented in Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as will participate in the coordination of operations performed by the companies created by Gazprom in the Republics.

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