On meeting of Coordination Committee for Informatization


The Gazprom Headquarters hosted a regular meeting of the Company’s Coordination Committee for Informatization. The meeting was chaired by Andrey Kruglov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee – Head of the Finance and Economics Department.

Taking part in the meeting were members of the Coordination Committee for Informatization, heads of the steering committees for informatization projects, heads and experts from Gazprom’s structural divisions, as well as Informgaz and Informgazinvest subsidiaries.

The meeting addressed the progress with the following projects aimed at creating:

  • the Sectoral Data Bank containing documentary, factual and reference data of Gazprom;
  • the intra-corporate E-Portal of Gazprom;
  • the Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization of Gas, Energy Facilities information system of Gazprom.

The meeting paid special attention to the issues of functional, informational and technological integration of the purpose-oriented information and management systems (IMS) created within Gazprom’s Informatization Strategy.

Based on the meeting results the steering committees for informatization projects were tasked with putting the systems into permanent operation within the term prescribed by Gazprom’s Informatization Strategy Plan.


The Informatization Strategy of Gazprom was adopted by the Company’s Management Committee’s resolution of January 17, 2008. The Strategy defines key development directions for the Company’s information technologies ensuring the achievement of its strategic goals.

At the first stage of the Strategy implementation activities are stepped pursuant to the plan approved at the extended meeting of the Coordination Committee for Informatization of June 20, 2008 held under the chairmanship of Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee.

Gazprom’s Sectoral Data Bank containing documentary, factual and referenced data (SDB RD) pursues the objective of establishing an integrated information space by applying single RD methodologies, regulations and maintenance tools. SDR RD implementation is based on the following specialized software products, such as SAP, MDM, SAP XI, SAP Enterprise Portal. The development of SDB RD will primarily result in securing an integrated and consistent SDB for filing Gazprom Group’s corporate accounts.

The intra-corporate E-Portal of Gazprom is aimed at creating an integrated space facilitating access to information and management systems based on various software platforms, as well as to Gazprom’s information and reference systems; providing users with access to information resources irrespective of their whereness and in compliance with the access control regulations; setting up an integrated technological platform for securing teamwork of various user groups. SAP Enterprise Portal, a specialized software product, was a foundation for the intra-corporate E-Portal development.

The main goal for creating the Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization of Gas, Energy Facilities information system of Gazprom is ensuring higher efficiency of information support for Gazprom’s Department for Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization, lower labor intensivity of retrieval, processing and storage of data regarding operations of Gazprom’s subsidiary companies and organizations specializing in gas and gas condensate transportation. The system implementation hinged on the application of SAP BI and SAP Enterprise Portal software products. The project is intended for fulfilling the following tasks: automating the data retrieval, processing and storage process; specifying report template filling-in methodologies and data submission regulations.

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