On working meeting between Alexey Miller and Jim Mulva


The Gazprom Headquarters hosted a working meeting today between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Jim Mulva, Chairman of the Board and CEO of ConocoPhillips.

The parties discussed the prospects for the realization of joint projects on international energy markets, particularly in the LNG sector. The meeting addressed the issues relevant to the companies’ cooperation in the Arctic areas including Alaska. As the top-priority directions of the possible interaction the parties named geological exploration offshore Alaska and sci-tech cooperation in the sectors related to the comprehensive field development and hydrocarbon transportation in the Extreme North environment. As Alexey Miller pointed out: “Gazprom’s practice will be extremely helpful when implementing new gas projects in the USA”.

Based on the meeting results the participants confirmed their interest in further cooperation between Gazprom and ConocoPhillips in the energy sector.


An internationally integrated oil and gas company ConocoPhillips is one of the major players on the USA energy market. ConocoPhillips operates in more than 40 countries of the world and mainly focused on the four main targets: hydrocarbon exploration and production, transportation, oil refining and derivatives marketing; natural gas extraction, processing and marketing; petrochemicals and plastics production and marketing.

Being among the top three (along with BP and Sempra) natural gas vendors in the USA, ConocoPhillips sells domestically some 90 bcm of gas per annum, serving gas distribution companies, power plants and industrial customers.

The company operates one of the first LNG plants based on Alaska and develops a handful of similar projects on a global scale.

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