Consultation workshop “Managing Human Resources of Gazprom, Its Subsidiary Companies and Organizations” held


The consultation workshop “Managing Human Resources of Gazprom, Its Subsidiary Companies and Organizations” has been finalized in Saint-Petersburg.

Taking part in the event were Sergey Khomyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, staff members of the Gazprom Personnel Management Department, specialists from personnel management services of subsidiary companies and organizations.

The workshop was opened by Boris Kuzmin, Head of the Personnel Management Department. He emphasized that Gazprom was fully meeting its social obligations to the Company’s employees under the Gazprom General Collective Agreement for 2007–2009.

In line with the Agreement provisions the Company regularly makes social payments to the employees and their family members, off-the-job pensioners, provides them with voluntary medical insurance and carries out labor and health protection activities. Gazprom timely adjusts the wage rates and official salaries of its personnel. Moreover, the Concept of the unified non-governmental pension support system for Gazprom’s employees is being developed at the moment. The work is underway to improve the living conditions for the Company’s staff.

Gazprom is improving the intra-corporate governance system aimed at the optimization and higher efficiency at both parent and subsidiary level. In particular, business process automation in personnel management is in progress, new cooperation principles with Gazprom’s personnel reserve are being developed, the system for personnel training and qualification upgrade is undergoing advancement.

To satisfy Gazprom’s growing demand for highly qualified specialists the draft Program for production workers’ professional training upgrade has been elaborated in Gazprom’s subsidiary companies for 2009–2011.

“At present, Gazprom can be rightfully considered a guarantee of Russia’s financial and energy security, a significant factor of stability maintenance in the country. This is achieved owing to the Company’s team. It is their professional qualities that enable Gazprom to be the leader in both the Russian and the foreign economy,” underlined Boris Kuzmin.

At the workshop the participants summed up the implementation results of the key provisions of the Personnel Management Policy in Gazprom, its subsidiary companies and organizations, as well as the Integrated Program for the Policy Implementation for 2006–2010. The workshop participants heard the presentations covering the progress in the automation of personnel management processes, human resources recruitment and utilization improvement, as well as development prospects for continuous corporate training system.

In their presentations the workshop participants emphasized the issue of motivating the Company’s personnel, their social security, and creation of comfortable and safe labor conditions.

Based on the workshop results Gazprom’s specialized subdivisions and subsidiaries were entrusted with the relevant tasks.

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