Gazprom’s Management Committee and ITU Council Presidium sum up 2007 GCA implementation results


Today Gazprom’s Headquarters hosted a joint meeting of the Management Committee and the Presidium of the Council of the Interregional Trade Union (ITU) of Gazprom.

The Management Committee and ITU’s Council Presidium took notice of the information on the results of the 2007 General Collective Agreement (GCA) implementation by Gazprom and its subsidiaries. The meeting emphasized that almost all the commitments had been fulfilled.

Gazprom’s core business units were entrusted with further planning the Company’s social and economic development with regard of ITU’s viewpoint as regards the determination of subsidiary budgets intended for social packages, benefits and compensations fixed in GCA.


The General Collective Agreement (GCA) of Gazprom and its subsidiaries for 2007 through 2009 was signed on December 21, 2006. GCA is applied to employers and all permanent employees, their family members, non-working pensioners, trade union staff employees of Gazprom, its subsidiaries and organizations, which have given authorization to conclude it.

GCA’s key objective is adjusting the interests of employers and employees in the form of a social partnership and, provided there is financial capacity, granting a broader scope of guarantees and privileges to employees than stipulated by the Russian legislation, other legal acts and the Gas Industry Agreement.

In 2007 Gazprom spent about RUR 5.1 billion on labor safety activities, 27.5 per cent up on the previous year.

Around 150 thousand employees of Gazprom, its subsidiaries and organizations received dispensary medical treatment. The Company’s employees, their households and non-working pensioners underwent sanitary and rehabilitation treatment.

In accordance with the Gazprom’s Non-State Pension Coverage Provision, additional retirement insurances were paid out in 2007 through the Gazfond Non-State Pension Fund. As at late 2007, Gazfond’s membership reached some 126 thousand people including 53.6 thousand with non-state pension averaging RUR 4,632. 

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