Board of Directors considered Gazprom’s annual General Shareholders Meeting related issues


The Gazprom Board of Directors’ meeting was held at the Company’s Headquarters.

The Board resolved to hold the annual General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom on June 27, 2008, starting from 10am, at Gazprom’s Headquarters in Moscow. The registration of participants will be held on June 25, from 10am till 5pm and on June 27, from 9am.

The Board also resolved to preliminary approve and submit for the Shareholders Meeting approval the Gazprom Annual Report for 2007 and the Gazprom (parent company) financial accounts for 2007 prepared in accordance with the Russian legislation.

The Board recommended that the Shareholders Meeting approve the allocation of Gazprom’s net profit based on the 2007 operating results.

The Board recommended that the Shareholders Meeting approve the proposals to pay out RUR 2.66 per share in annual dividend based on the Gazprom 2007 operating results and set December 31, 2008 as the dividend payment deadline.

The Board endorsed proposals on the remuneration of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission.

The Board formed the Gazprom annual General Shareholders Meeting Presidium made up of the Board Members and approved Alexey Miller, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Management Committee of the Company as Chairman of the Shareholders Meeting.

The Board reviewed the results of the open tender for the selection of an auditing company responsible for performing statutory annual audit of Gazprom and nominated the tender winner – PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit as Gazprom’s auditor subject to approval by the Shareholders Meeting.

The Board submitted for the approval of the Shareholders Meeting draft amendments in the Charter of Gazprom, the Provision on Shareholders Meeting, the Provision on the Board of Directors and the Provision on the Management Committee.

The amendments in the Charter are largely driven by the changes and updates made in the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies and are aimed at speeding up the decision-making by the Board of Directors. The adjustment of the internal documents stems from the need of bringing them in line with the changes in the legislation and the Company’s Charter.

The Board also adopted decisions on other matters relative to the Gazprom General Shareholders Meeting preparation and holding. 

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