Board of Directors addresses utilization of key performance indicators system


A Board of Directors’ meeting commenced at the Headquarters of Gazprom.

The Board of Directors addressed the issue concerning the utilization of Gazprom and its subsidiaries’ key performance indicators (KPI) system.

The Company’s Management Committee was tasked with continuing the work on the KPI system development.


Gazprom developed a key performance indicators system underlying long-, mid- and short-term planning. The KPI system comprises a strategic targets system and a performance benchmarks system.

At present, Gazprom continues streamlining the KPI system. Work is underway to introduce and promote the system at the subsidiary level and detail it in Gazprom’s investment and financial businesses. Simultaneously the planning system using strategic targets and performance indicators is planned to be expanded on a by-stage basis and applied towards other businesses (power and oil sectors) of Gazprom. Another crucial development direction of the KPI system is providing support for Gazprom leadership’s managerial decision-making.

Establishment of a Gazprom Group integrated information space using state-of-the-art information technology was named a prerequisite for improving the KPI system. For that purpose in January 2008 Gazprom’s Management Committee endorsed the Company’s Informatization Strategy. 

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