On extended meeting of Coordination Committee for Informatization


Gazprom’s Headquarters hosted an extended meeting of the Company’s Coordination Committee for Informatization. The meeting was chaired by the Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller. Participating in the meeting were Andrey Kruglov, Head of the Coordination Committee for Informatization, Members of the Committee and heads of Gazprom’s steering committees for informatization projects.

The participants discussed the interim results of Gazprom’s Informatization Strategy execution as well as activities aimed at the implementation of initiatives embracing the creation of information and management systems (IMS) as well as automated systems of operational process management, metrological support and communication. In the course of the meeting attention was paid to the functional and informational integration of the purpose-oriented IMS under formation. Furthermore, the meeting reviewed the general sequence of execution of projects aimed at creating standard enterprise IMS (EIMS) for subsidiaries of main and ancillary gas businesses as well as organization of EIMS templates replication.

The meeting resulted in the approval of Gazprom’s Informatization Strategy Plan for 2008 and the taking of organizational decisions targeted at timely and qualitatively solving the Company’s informatization activities related tasks.


The Informatization Strategy of Gazprom was adopted by the Company’s Management Committee’s resolution of January 17, 2008. The Strategy defines key development directions for the Company’s information technologies ensuring the achievement of its strategic goals. The Strategy provides for the establishment of an integrated Gazprom information space securing industry-wise integration of automated management systems. This will allow joining data on all kinds of business and activity and providing support for all management business-processes at each and every management stage.

The strategy is divided into three stages. The first stage is aimed at enhancing the financial and business transparency and streamlining Gazprom’s corporate governance. This stage envisages measures so as to lay the cornerstone and establish the infrastructure for an integrated information space of Gazprom Group, required to further develop support systems for managerial decision making. The initiatives of the second and third stages are targeted at the qualitative and quantitative development of the first stage initiatives.

In 2008, under the approved Plan, the first stage of the Gazprom Informatization Strategy sees the implementation of activities surrounding:

  • a project for developing a Corporate Data Bank based on a key performance indicators system of Gazprom and its subsidiaries;
  • nine new projects for shaping vertically-integrated information and management systems for corporate governance processes based on the Corporate Data Bank (including an Automated System of Gazprom’s Budget Management, an Automated System of Gazprom’s Consolidated Financial Statements Filing projects);
  • eight projects for creating standard enterprise information and management systems (EIMS) by types of activity for Gazprom’s subsidiaries;
  • three general-system projects (for creating a Sectoral Data Bank containing documentary, factual and referenced data, an internal Corporate E-Portal of Gazprom, an Integrated Security System for the information contained in Gazprom’s data management systems). 

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