Gazprom’s delegation takes part in Corporate Russia on the Rise forum


On July 25–26 Berlin hosted the annual Corporate Russia on the Rise forum organized by the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT). Participating in the forum were heads of the largest German and Russian energy companies, representatives of the German Government, the European Commission, as well as Russian and European scientific and educational enterprises.

Stanislav Tsygankov, Head of Gazprom’s International Business Department, delivered a speech at the forum. In his speech Mr. Tsygankov informed the delegates on the status of and prospects for Gazprom's collaboration with its German partners and underlined that a fundamentally new level of cooperation had been achieved allowing the partners to be engaged in all the segments of the Russian gas business provided that they maintained the balance of the parties’ interests.

The speaker drew the forum participants’ attention to the absence of similar favorable working conditions in Europe for Russian energy companies given the latest proposals of the European Commission concerning another change in the game rules on the market. In his speech Stanislav Tsygankov also reiterated the Company’s concern with regard to the risks imposed by “the Third EU Energy Package” to the investments in infrastructure and the activities aimed at assuring reliable supplies.

In conclusion Stanislav Tsygankov described the opportunities of cooperating with ESMT, available to large companies and expressed confidence that the forum would become regular and would promote the development of a dialogue between politicians, businessmen and representatives of science on major issues of mutual cooperation.


The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) was founded in October 2002 on the initiative of 25 German prominent companies and associations. Gazprom is among the establishers of ESMT through its subsidiary Gazprom Germania GmbH.

Among the main directions of the School’s activities are manager training according to the daily MBA program in compliance with international standards and according to the Executive MBA on-the-job program.

At present, Gazprom and ESMT are jointly elaborating an integrated cooperation program involving scientific workers exchange, scientific and research projects, scholarships and training courses. 

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