Coordinating Committee meeting between Gazprom and E.ON Ruhrgas AG held


The city of Irkutsk hosted today a meeting of the Coordinating Committee between Gazprom and E.ON Ruhrgas AG on sci-tech cooperation, staff training and qualification upgrading. The meeting was co-chaired by Sergey Khomyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Vlada Rusakova, Member of the Gazprom Management Committee, Head of the Strategic Development Department – on the part of Gazprom and by Dr. Jurgen Lenz and Armin Geiss, Head of the E.ON Ruhrgas AG Personnel Department, Members of the company’s Executive Board – on the part of E.ON Ruhrgas AG.

The participants delivered speeches on the current status of sci-tech cooperation, staff training, qualification upgrading and interaction between Gazprom and E.ON Ruhrgas in the natural gas sector.

The parties expressed their satisfaction with the progress in cooperation and its major results.

The Program for Sci-Tec Cooperation between Gazprom and E.ON Ruhrgas in 2007–2008 was updated and slightly adjusted.

The parties also noted the promising cooperation in energy saving and highly significant results of the jointly implemented project to upgrade underwater crossings with polymer fabric hoses.

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