Management Committee approves Informatization Strategy

The Headquarters of Gazprom today hosted a meeting of the Company’s Management Committee.

The Management Committee approved the Company’s Informatization Strategy.

The Management Committee made a decision to use the Strategy as a basis for the development of annual and mid-term investment programs and budgets (financial plans) of the Company, as well as budgets of Gazprom subsidiary companies.

All the structural units and subsidiary companies of Gazprom were assigned a task by the Management Committee to ensure the Strategy implementation using project management methods.


The Informatization Strategy of Gazprom defines key development directions for the Company’s information technologies ensuring the achievement of its strategic goals. The implementation of the Strategy will let the Company significantly enhance the effectiveness of management and obtain the tool required to take a leading position among global energy companies.

The Strategy provides for the establishment of an integrated Gazprom information space securing industry-wise integration of automated management systems. This will allow joining data on all kinds of business and activity and providing support for all management business-processes at each and every management stage.

The strategy is divided into three stages.

The first stage is aimed at enhancing the transparency of financial and business activities and streamlining of Gazprom corporate governance. This stage envisages measures to lay the cornerstone and establish the infrastructure for the integrated information space of Gazprom Group, required for further development of managerial decision making support systems including:

  • a corporate data bank based on a key performance indicators system of Gazprom and its subsidiaries;
  • vertically-integrated information and management systems for corporate governance processes based on the corporate data bank (automated budgeting, consolidated financial statements filing, investment management, dispatcher control, and mineral resources base recovery management systems etc.);
  • standard enterprise information and management systems (EIMS) for various types of activity for subsidiary companies operating in the gas industry.

In addition, at the first stage of the Informatization Strategy implementation it is planned to carry out work for the modernization of automated operational processes management systems (AOPMS) with due consideration of their integration with information and management systems (IMS), as well as for the modernization of telecommunications, establishment of scaleable IT-infrastructure of Gazprom Group, and enhancement of the information security level.

The second stage focuses on the streamlining of initial data acquisition and processing systems, including the replication of an enterprise information and management systems pattern in Gazprom subsidiary companies operating in the gas industry and the development of their functionality, as well as the improvement of automated operational processes management systems and telecommunications.

The third stage provides for the introduction of state-of-the-art management systems in Gazprom, new development technologies for the mineral resources base and innovative control systems for production and operational processes.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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