On meeting dedicated to Astrakhan Oblast upstream oil and gas industry development and gasification

Astrakhan today hosted a meeting dedicated to the Astrakhan Oblast upstream oil and gas industry development and gasification.

The meeting was co-chaired by Valery Golubev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Alexander Zhilkin, Governor of the Astrakhan Oblast. Present at the meeting were heads and specialists of Gazprom core business units and subsidiaries, representatives of the Astrakhan Oblast legislative and executive branch, local municipal authorities and business entities.

The meeting addressed the prospects for the upstream oil and gas industry development and new processing capacity construction in the Astrakhan Oblast as well as the status of implementation of a gasification program for the region. In particular, the participants touched upon issues associated with gasification of the northern Astrakhan Oblast as well as 2008–2009 gasification plans for the region.

The development of gas transmissions systems, further regional gasification, construction of a gas-steam CHP plant for Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan and a polyethylene manufacturing complex as well as taking of environmental actions were named, inter alia, as the top priorities of cooperation between Gazprom and the Astrakhan Oblast.

“The Astrakhan Oblast occupies a special place in Gazprom’s business. Our cooperation is of a long-term and strategic nature. One of the Company and Russia’s largest gas processing plants is located here. We are confidently looking into the future, which, amongst other things, will see the construction of polyethylene and electricity production capacities in the Astrakhan Oblast. This will enable to turn out competitive and marketable products, create additional jobs and significantly replenish local budgets with tax revenues,” said Valery Golubev.

The meeting resulted in the taking of decisions providing for the elaboration of a comprehensive purpose-oriented program embracing the upstream oil and gas industry development in the Astrakhan Oblast and further gasification of the region.


The Cooperation Agreement between Gazprom and the Astrakhan Oblast Administration was entered into on April 19, 2006, with the Accord on Gasification inked in March 2000.

In 2007 gas supply to the Astrakhan Oblast exceeded 2 bcm. This year projected deliveries are projected at around 2.3 bcm.

The average gasification level of the Astrakhan Oblast is 68 per cent, with 77.4 per cent in cities and towns, and 49.6 per cent in rural areas. The identical rates throughout Russia average 62, 67 and 44 per cent respectively).

Over 2002 to 2006 Gazprom committed more than RUR 1.3 bln for gasification of the Astrakhan Oblast. The funds were used to build 3,560 km of inter-settlement pipelines, which allowed gasifying 143 population centres and switching to gas over 700 housing facilities.

In 2007 Gazprom invested more than RUR 470 mln into regional gasification, completing the construction of 22 inter-settlement gas pipelines. On its part, the Astrakhan Oblast Administration constructed 213.9 km of distribution pipelines and prepared over 5,100 households and 12 boiler houses for gas deliveries.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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