Republic of Daghestan celebrates Botlikh settlement gasification


The Botlikh district, Republic of Daghestan, hosted celebrations on the occasion of the Botlikh settlement gasification. Present at the event were a Gazprom delegation led by Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Company’s Management Committee, Mukhu Aliev, President of the Republic of Daghestan, Botlikh district leaders and public representatives.

Addressing the attendees, Alexander Ananenkov informed of a large scope of work done by Gazprom to gasify Russian regions including the Republic of Daghestan.

“Construction of the gas pipeline branch to the mountainous settlement of Botlikh is unparalleled in the world in terms of complexity. Gazprom has nevertheless completed the pipeline ahead of schedule. Gasification of Botlikh is only a stage in gasification of Daghestani mountainous areas. Our task is to supply natural gas to each and every district and population centre in Daghestan so that all Daghestani citizens could enjoy the benefits derived from natural gas, the most convenient and environmentally friendly fuel,” underlined Alexander Ananenkov.

“We are grateful to Gazprom for the huge scope of work related to Botlikh’s gasification. It’s hardly too much to say that gasification of Daghestan’s mountainous villages is an event of historical significance for the local residents. Network gas considerably improves the life of rural inhabitants, promotes the regional economic development and directly influences the living conditions of our countrymen,” emphasized Mukhu Aliev.


The 108.28-km-long gas pipeline branch to Botlikh has a total annual output of 0.9 bcm. The pipeline construction was launched in September 2006. Until now, stage one of the pipeline, namely the linear part and two gas distribution stations (GDS), has been completed. The finalization of stage two involving four more GDS is projected for the current year.

Commissioning of the gas pipeline branch to Botlikh will allow to gasify Daghestan’s Botlikh and Tsumada districts.

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