On joint meeting dedicated to Tomsk Oblast gasification and high energy efficiency zone development in Kolpashevo district


Today the town of Kolpashevo, Tomsk Oblast, hosted a meeting on issues with regard to gasification of the Tomsk Oblast and development of a high energy efficiency zone in the Kolpashevo district.

The meeting was co-chaired by Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Viktor Kress, Governor of the Tomsk Oblast. The meeting was attended by Bogdan Budzulyak, Member of the Gazprom Management Committee, Vladimir Emeshev, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Oblast; heads and experts of the Gazprom core business units and subsidiaries – Promgaz, Mezhregiongaz, Gazprom transgaz Tomsk, Gazpromregiongaz as well as representatives of the Tomsk Oblast and Kolpashevo district authorities.

In his opening speech Alexander Ananenkov pointed out that Gazprom, as the Eastern Gas Program coordinator, placed a huge emphasis on supplying Siberian regions with gas. Over the past three years the Company invested nearly RUR 2.5 bln to develop the Siberian Federal District gasification and almost RUR 2 bln is slated for 2008.

Alexander Ananenkov particularly highlighted the issue of efficient gas consumption.

“The development of gas supply to Siberian regions is featured by big distances between localities requiring considerable investments in the construction of long-distance gas laterals with due regard, amongst other things, of low gas consumption, especially at an initial stage of gas pipeline operation, and the harsh environmental and geographical conditions. In view of the above, Gazprom draws the local authorities’ attention to the need of accurately synchronizing the construction of inter-settlement gas pipelines and the preparation of consumers to receive gas. Besides, with a view to optimize new gas supply and gasification capacities, special emphasis is laid on the use of modern highly efficient energy saving technologies and equipment as well as on the maximally full utilization of energy of such a valuable fuel as natural gas,” Alexander Ananenkov noted in his speech.

The meeting participants addressed the progress with the Project for the development of a high energy efficiency zone in the Kolpashevo district.

The meeting resulted in the taking of decisions aimed at further gasification of the Tomsk Oblast. Gazprom core business units and subsidiaries as well as respective divisions of the Tomsk Oblast Administration were entrusted with organizing a high energy efficiency zone in the Kolpashevo district.


Gazprom and the Tomsk Oblast Administration entered into the Agreement of Cooperation in December 2004 and into the Accord on Gasification in September 2006.

The Project for the development of a high energy efficiency zone in the Kolpashevo district is implemented in order to demonstrate advanced gas-powered heat and electricity production technologies and equipment. The Project contemplates establishing a power services company to operate gas and heat power facilities as well as adopting legislation aimed at conserving energy and enhancing gas consumption efficiency. The Project also encompasses providing reliable power supply to the household sector in the town of Kolpashevo, increasing the heat and power supply system efficiency, creating an environment for the commercial attractiveness of energy projects and holding back the energy tariffs growth.

The first similar project was implemented in 2006 in the town of Kalyazin, Tver Oblast and was considered a success. At present, Gazprom is actively engaged in the elaboration of the Project for the development of a high energy efficiency zone in the town of Gorno-Altaisk (Republic of Altai).

The execution of these projects will enable to replicate the practice of high energy efficiency zone development in other Russian cities and towns as part of regional energy and gas saving programs.

In 2007 Gazprom supplied the Tomsk Oblast consumers with over 1.2bcm of gas and nearly 1.3 bcm are slated for the current year.

The Tomsk Oblast gas consumers have no debt to Gazprom for the supplied natural gas. As of January 1, 2008, advance payments make up RUR 34 mln.

Natural gas penetration in the Tomsk Oblast accounts for 6.5 per cent including 6.6 per cent in cities and towns, 6.4 per cent in rural areas (the identical figures throughout Russia average 62, 67 and 44 per cent, respectively). During 2006–2007 Gazprom invested RUR 280 mln to gasify the Tomsk Oblast. RUR 720mln was allocated for this purpose in 2008.

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