Gazprom completes construction of pipeline to Kolpashevo, Tomsk Oblast


The Kolpashevo district, Tomsk Oblast, hosted today celebrations dedicated to the commissioning of the gas pipeline to the town of Kolpashevo.

The event was attended by Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Viktor Kress, Governor of the Tomsk Oblast, representatives of the Tomsk Oblast, Kolpashevo district and Kolpashevo town authorities, heads and experts of the Gazprom core business units and subsidiaries as well as local residents.

In his speech dedicated to the work done by Gazprom to gasify Russian regions Alexander Ananenkov pointed out that special attention was paid by Gazprom to the gasification of the Siberian Federal District where an average gasification level was relatively low.

“The gas pipeline to Kolpashevo has been constructed in the harsh climatic and geographical conditions and on a tight schedule. The project complexity is proven by the fact that over ten kilometers of the 50-kilometer-long gas pipeline run across swampy areas and the Ob and Chaya Rivers. Gazprom, however, has successfully accomplished the task and is resolute now to do its best to gasify the Siberian Federal District within the shortest time possible.

Considering the social significance of the Siberian infrastructure development, it is essential to actively finance gasification activities from the federal, regional and local budgets. A positive example of this is Kolpashevo where around fifty retirement homes are being prepared to receive gas at the expense of the authorities,” emphasized Alexander Ananenkov.


The inter-settlement gas pipeline between the Chazhemto automated gas distribution station and the town of Kolpashevo is 50 km long.

The Tomsk Oblast Administration invested circa RUR 1 bln (including over RUR 400 mln from outside companies) in the construction of gas distribution facilities. The funds were used to install ten gas boilers designed for heating over 400 high-rise buildings, schools and kindergartens.

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