Gazprom’s Management Committee awards author teams with 2008 Industry Prizes


The Company's Management Committee awarded the winners of the Gazprom 2008 Science and Technology Prizes. Awards were presented to the author teams of the following research papers:

  • Developing and introducing the strategic programs methodology based on the example of the Development Program for an integrated gas production, transportation and supply system in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, taking into account potential gas exports to China and other Asia Pacific countries. First place award. The project was brought forward by VNIIGAZ.
  • Developing and applying new repair & insulation materials and technologies for gas wells in a Cenomanian deposit of the Urengoy field. Second place award. The project was brought forward by Gazprom dobycha Urengoy.
  • Improving the technology for sulfur production at the Orenburg and Astrakhan gas processing plants. The project was brought forward by Gazprom dobycha Orenburg.
  • Developing and applying at gas trunklines import-substituting domestic helical pipes with advanced performance parameters designed for the working pressure of up to 9.8 MPa inclusive. The project was brought forward by Gazkomplektimpex.
  • A set of diagnostic tools for information and control systems of the Astrakhan gas processing plant. The project was brought forward by Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan.
  • Quality management system for Gazprom's educational institutions. The project was brought forward by Gazprom Corporate Institute.
  • Developing and applying the high-efficiency domestic mobile gas fuellers for natural gas vehicles. The project was brought forward by Gazprom transgaz Surgut.
  • Industrial simulator to train well drilling and overhaul personnel, as well as engineers and technicians of Gazprom for oil and gas spill prevention and response activities when constructing, operating and repairing wells. The project was brought forward by Gazobezopasnost.
  • Developing a system defining optimal pre-sale preparation schemes for non-core assets of Gazprom and its subsidiaries, involving the selection of terms and ways of their disposal. The project was brought forward by Gazprom transgaz Moscow.
  • Developing and introducing DNS-1000, DNS-1200 and DNS-1400 scanning flaw detectors for detecting and sizing corrosive and stress-corrosive pipeline defects when implementing capital overhaul of pipelines by means of reinsulation. The project was brought forward by Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk.

The introduction of the first place project will produce over RUB 106 bln of economic benefit. The total economic benefit of the remaining projects has accounted for more than RUB 2 bcm.


The Gazprom 2007 Science and Technology Prizes have been awarded starting from 1998.

21 research papers were nominated in 2008 for the Prize by Gazprom's subsidiaries. The papers had been prepared by a total of 184 authors.

The presented papers were reviewed and assessed by the Expert Group composed of specialists from Gazprom and its subsidiary institutes. The experts evaluated the relevancy, originality, a scientific and technical level (research intensity) of the developments, their utilization scale and economic viability in Gazprom, commercial use potential, a domestic material, technology and equipment application degree.

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