Gazkomplektimpex and Rolls-Royce sign contract to supply gas pumping units for Nord Stream project


Today in Moscow Valery Kanyuka, Acting Director General of Gazkomplektimpex and Jim Finley, Vice President, Sales of Rolls-Royce signed a contract for the supply of gas pumping units (GPU).

In line with the contract, Rolls-Royce will supply within 2010 six GPU with 50 MW in capacity and two GPU with 27 MW in capacity to the Portovaya compressor station (CS) of the Nord Stream gas trunkline.

Rolls-Royce was admitted the winner of the open contest for the GPU supply to the Portovaya CS in July 2008. The company put forward the best bid in terms of the price/quality ratio within the whole process cycle.

The domestic companies couldn’t fully compete in the contest, as they do not produce GPU with 50 MW in capacity.


The Nord Stream gas pipeline is a fundamentally new route for Russian gas exports to Europe. The Nord Stream will run across the Baltic Sea from the Portovaya Bay (in the vicinity of Vyborg) to the German coast (in the vicinity of Greifswald). The gas pipeline length will be some 1,200 km.

Located at the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea in the Portovaya Bay, the Portovaya CS will be a unique gas transmission facility with capacity (354 MW) unparalleled in Russia. Advanced equipment and modern technologies will be used for its construction.

Rolls-Royce is the world ’ s leader in production of power plants including gas pumping facilities. The company has the experience of producing and delivering superpower GPU intended for gas supply via an offshore gas pipeline.

Gazkomplektimpex is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gazprom. In 2002 Gazkomplektimpex was appointed a centralized supplier of goods and equipment for the Gazprom Group subsidiary companies and organizations.

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